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Keto Chow Success Stories: Stephanie R.

< 1 minute September 16, 2020
before and after Keto Chow testimonial pictures

Stephanie R.

I started keto in May after being diagnosed with PCOS and all sorts of hormone issues. The picture on the left is me at 234 right before starting keto the picture on the right is me at 186. I’m down 47 pounds in five months. I’ve lost 25.5 inches overall and I’m half way to my goal weight. Keto Chow helped with my sweet cravings and meals on the go. I have suggested it to everyone who has asked me about keto!

My husband who suggested keto to me has officially hit 50 pounds down. He started around 240 and is hovering around 190. He was curious about keto and found out about keto chow through reddit. I truly believe Keto Chow is what jump started our research into keto. My diagnosis is what kicked us into gear and started out keto journey together.


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