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Keto Chow Taste Test Results

19 minute read • February 2, 2019
Keto Chow. Make keto easy

In January 2019, we contracted an independent market research company to conduct a blind taste test of Keto Chow compared to 4 other “Meal Replacement” products designed for a ketogenic diet. It was a very cool experience! Here are the takeaways we discovered:

How we did the test

All but one of the shakes tested were Chocolate (the outlier only has a single flavor and it’s not chocolate), all were prepared exactly following the manufacturer recommendations on the label to ensure that the test was not biased towards Keto Chow. If Keto Chow wasn’t the best, we wanted to know it – an unfair test would be of no use.

2 of the competitor shakes are designed to give you complete nutrition, somewhat similar to Keto Chow, though one indicates you need 4 per day and the other recommends 5 for complete nutrition; compared to Keto Chow which only requires 3 shakes for complete nutrition. The other two shakes are NOT designed for complete nutrition and are only suitable for occasional meals a few times a week at most.

Of the 5 shakes tested, only Keto Chow has been used in a public experiment as the sole source of food of the creator of the product to prove it is, as claimed, nutritionally complete and viable as an actual MEAL replacement and not simply an occasional snack.

Going into the test, we were a little worried that Keto Chow wouldn’t dominate the test so we performed our own in-house taste test and filmed it.

Well, that was a great result =) Keto Chow was the clear winner!

Participant Demographics

Overall Impression

“What is your overall impression of this meal supplement beverage?”

Drink ADrink BKeto ChowDrink DDrink E
1 = Very Negative612%48%00%1427%12%
4 = Neutral36%714%612%36%612%
7 = Very Positive24%12%1326%12%815%
Average Mean3.493.795.532.585.12

Keto Chow had higher impression scores compared to every drink.

“NPS” – Likelihood to recommend to family or friends

“How likely would you be to recommend this drink to a friend or family member?”

Drink ADrink BKeto ChowDrink DDrink E
0 = Not at all Likely815%714%12%1427%12%
10 = Very Likely12%12%917%00%36%
Average Mean3.674.

Keto Chow had a statistically significantly higher average than any other company when it came to participants’ likelihood to recommend the drinks to a friend or family member.

NPS: The Net Promoter Score is an industry standard metric based off the following formula:

((Proportion Answering 9 or 10)-(Proportion Answering 0-6))*100

Those answering 9 or 10 are considered Supporters and those answering 0 through 6 are Detractors, so the Net Promoter Score serves as a way of determining the relative proportion of people who will be promoting a product. The table below contains all of the Net Promoter Scores for each drink that was part of the test. As can be seen, Keto Chow is the only product with a positive Net Promoter Score according to the above formula.

DrinkDrink ADrink BKeto ChowDrink DDrink E
Net Promoter Score-78.85-67.315.77-90.39-19.23

Stack Ranking

“Write the number of the drink you preferred the MOST next to Rank #1, then write the number of the drink you preferred SECOND MOST next to Rank #2, and so forth until you have ranked all 5 drinks. The number of the drink you preferred the LEAST should be written next to Rank #5.”

Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5Avg. RankRank Score
Drink A27141993.51127
Drink B3111113133.43131
Keto Chow30119101.63223
Drink D02714284.3385
Drink E162010412.10199

Keto Chow had a higher ranking across testers than every other drink.


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