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Nov 9  ·  < 1 min read
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Keto, gamers, cheat codes, Keto Chow.

Gamers are a perfect fit for keto. They’re often playing for hours on end, eating junk, no time for cooking and need to get healthy.

Well, keto is (in my view) the cheat code for losing weight. You’re cutting out sugar from your diet and completely switching around what your body uses for fuel (“burn fat, not sugar!”). If you’re familiar with Soylent, well Keto Chow is like that but specifically designed for losing weight via “nutritional ketosis”.Used to be Gamer

I consider myself a gamer… or at least I used to be back when I had more time and less kids. I still think Unreal Tournament 2004 is my favorite of all time, though Overwatch is pretty awesome. Keto has worked wonders for me (and others), brought me back from the brink of metabolic syndrome and eventual T2 diabetes. Rosa Labs (makers of Soylent) have been targeting gamers lately, I think Keto Chow is a better product, tastes better, and will lead to lasting health (and weight loss) that is hugely beneficial for anyone needing a change.

So here’s my invitation to gamers: head over to reddit.com/r/keto and check it out (start with the sidebar =) and if you decide you want to give keto a shot, grab some Keto Chow; it removes a lot of the guess-work that makes doing keto challenging – especially in the beginning. You’re getting all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need: quick and easy.