KetoFest 2018 update – Live Stream Access option added (only 5 days left to sign up!)

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I posted last week about KetoFest 2018 – since then they’ve added a “Live Stream Access” pass for $100.

This reward gives you access to the live stream during Ketofest Science Sunday, and possibly the cooking demos on Social Saturday if we can figure out the tech! You also get to download the Powerpoint slides. This reward also includes a T-shirt.

If you can’t physically come to the event (July 20-22 in New London, Connecticut), this is a great way to get access to the content remotely. The KetoFest Kickstarter only has 5 days left and is (as of this writing) at $71,007 of its $80,000 goal. I’m really happy to say that a nice portion of that $71k has been pledged by Keto Chow. Carl messaged me last week and asked if we wanted to be sponsors, we were already planning on going and had tickets to the VIP dinner, now we’re going to have a booth at the Social Saturday and Science Sunday events! The sooner the Kickstarter passes the 80k mark, the sooner I can book the airplane tickets and accommodations =)


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