Ketosoy part 2 – taste and ruminations

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OK, it’s morning and I’m drinking down Ketosoy. Here are my impressions.

  • I was wrong, it appears the chia seeds are not ground. Personally I don’t particularly like the taste of ground chia seeds due to my experience with the “induction phase” recipe. Anyhow, not being ground (or at least not ground very much) the result is you get seeds in your mouth to chew on. Take *THAT* mr. “soylent is teh worst thing evuh because you don’t chew!!!1111eleventy”
  • At this point I’m not sure if it’s the milk protein concentrate or the xanthan and guar gums but the texture is quite smooth. Like REALLY smooth. I also suspect he’s using less coconut flour that ketofood because I can’t really make out much of a coconut flavor.
  • I was worried putting all the sweetener packets would be too much, it wasn’t. Probably could have done two in each (instead of 1.6666).
  • It actually tastes quite a lot like the Soylent 1.0 official, for that matter I like the taste much better because it’s not as sweet and it’s less gritty
  • Still chewing the chia seeds, it’s kinda fun actually.

My wife tried some too and liked it.

On the milk protein concentrate front there’s some discussion on the differences between the two. I’m not currently lifting weights so it’s likely not a big deal to me to have quick recovery and whatnot. I’m interested to see the nutrition difference and amino acid profile of milk protein concentrate, specifically the net carbs and how complete the protein is for human requirements. If Milk Protein concentrate is comparable and gives better soylent, then it would merit further investigation.

Oh, and I just added “Ketosoy – Ketosoy V0.9, 70 g” to MyFitnessPal, you’re welcome.


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