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Leveraging “Fat Bombs” with Keto Food

2 minute read • December 4, 2014

Loosely following the recipe for “Fat Bombs” from this site, I put all the coconut flour plus the caloric equivalent to all of my MCT into these little guys.

12 fat bombs

Ended up with 100g of coconut flour that I toasted in the oven for about 10 minutes and 104g of coconut oil that happily melted when I put the still hot from toasting flour on it. I also put in a little stevia powder and completely forgot the part form the recipe about a little salt. Bah. Then I stuck them in the fridge for 15 minutes and got these.

fat bomb up close

They taste very good. It does have the same desiccating effect on my mouth that eating 10 saltines would have though. I put one in my mouth whole and spent the next 10 minutes sipping water, trying not to choke.

The trade off of doing this is: my regular meals don’t have any oil and no coconut flour. The effect on the flavor of the now mostly chia+raw cocoa+soy lecithin+salt and potassium citrate drink isn’t pleasant. It ends up being pretty bitter, I’m thinking it’s the raw cocoa and the potassium citrate. I added some additional stevia to make it moar better-er and I can drink it without shuddering too bad, but at this point it’s nearly the same experience I had with the induction phase recipe.

I’m going to call this experiment an overall failure. Though the “fat bombs” really are pretty tasty, they don’t make up for the taste of the drink portion. I might try it again with just the coconut oil and maybe some peanut butter, while leaving the coconut flour for the drink part, dunno.

In other news: I just bought a $7 breathalyzer off ebay, which will be fun since I don’t drink alcohol.


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