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Oct 10  ·  < 1 min read
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Live Stream recording from October 6, 2020

Live Stream Oct 6

This week we have two special guests: Tara and Jeremy from Tara’s Keto Kitchen

Tara Wright is a Certified International Health Coach trained by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. She began her keto journey in early 2017 when diagnosed with Endometriosis. Finding herself unwilling to take the treatment path mapped out to her by her doctor, she decided to try the keto diet to balance her hormones and reduce inflammation in her body. She found that keto not only helped reduce her Endometriosis symptoms but also treated her ADHD without medications. After losing 25 pounds and reclaiming her health, she created the popular YouTube channel “Tara’s Keto Kitchen” in July of 2017. She is passionate about making keto sustainable over the long term. You can find her blog & keto recipes at wholebodyliving.com and on the YouTube channel “Tara’s Keto Kitchen”.

Jeremy Wright is a Captain in the National Guard, a fitness enthusiast, and is passionate about brain health. After losing three grandparents to Alzheimer’s disease and finding out he was genetically predisposed, he turned to the keto diet as his #1 line of defense in 2017. After losing 35 pounds with the keto diet, he joined forces with his wife Tara to teach and coach others. Together, Tara and Jeremy specialize in making the keto diet sustainable over the long term and have helped thousands of people get started and change their mindset around what a “diet” should be. Join them live each Sunday evening on their YouTube Channel at 6pm Central.

Every Tuedsay night we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! You can find the stream on YouTube or Facebook.