Minor changes to Keto Chow recipe.

2 minute read • January 6, 2015
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I drank Chocolate Mint Keto Chow for breakfast and Strawberry for lunch. How was it? Really good.

I said it in my last post but I’m going to say it again: even if I wasn’t doing Keto I would drink this stuff instead of any other powdered food/DIY soylent/Official Soylent that I have tried. As of right now I’m planning on sticking with this recipe or a variation of it indefinitely. Yes, you understood correctly: I’m not going to go back to drinking People Chow, this is far better. If I get to the point that I don’t want to be so strict about carbs and doing Ketosis there’s no reason I can’t and won’t continue with ketogenic soylent as my primary food.

Anyhow. Like the post title says, after the batch I drank today I’m going to remove the coconut flour in favor of more psyllium husk powder so there will be no grittiness at all. I also tweaked the protein amounts and will up the xanthan gum from 1g to 1.5g.

One awesome thing about the removal of the coconut flour is the carb count is now obscenely low. I consider psyllum husk a non-soluble fiber since it doesn’t contribute any calories and isn’t digested, so I have it with the dietary fiber that is subtracted from the 27g total carbs to give 10.9g net carbs per day. Yeah, I can live with that.

The final change for the day is pricing. I recalculated my costs based on the current recipe. Even though the total cost for doing a day of Keto Chow is higher than doing People Chow, quite a bit of that cost is in Heavy Cream and MCT/Coconut Oil, both of which aren’t part of my costs since they are not included with the powder. I changed the prices on Keto Chow to be the same price as People Chow (without any added chocolate). The 1 meal sample of Keto Chow is now actually less expensive than People Chow since it’s for a full meal (1/3 of a day) instead of 300 calories.


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