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Minor Recipe changes now LIVE: Keto Chow 1.0.4

< 1 minute August 31, 2015

I did a small number of changes to the recipe for Keto Chow.

  • The LIQUID part of the coconut oil was causing confusion. I’m removing it in favor of just MCT.
  • MK-4 pills have been replaced with MK-7, you still open up one for each day (7 for a week) and add it when mixing together the powder as I do with the pre-mixed Keto Chow.
  • I’m now grinding the vitamin pills with a blender. The 1.53g is how much 1 pill weighs. You can grind yours up and add it to the mixture like I do or you can just take one pill per day.

I’ve also updated the preparation instructions accordingly. Nothing ground breaking or really super notable but hey, it’s changes so now the recipe is 1.0.4


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