New Keto Chow shirts and other merchandise available via Amazon

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You can again order Keto Chow shirts, zip-up hoodies, v-necks and other fun gear off our Amazon Merch page – and it’s a brand new design! We had a new design for the Keto Chow shirts finished some time ago but during the lockdown, Amazon stopped printing the shirts and nobody could order them. In the bad old days, if we wanted to have Keto Chow branded shirts, we had to order them printed in a bunch of different sizes and then hope they would eventually sell. They cost $25 to print and we often sold them at a loss.

We decided to partner with Amazon Merch and have “just-in-time” branded merchandise! We’ve priced everything as low as possible without us losing money on each sale, seriously – we make about 5 cents for each shirt!

Note: they usually have a really far-off ship date when you order. Last time I ordered some it said it would take A MONTH to arrive, it didn’t. The shirts shipped 2 days later and arrived the following day.

You can order the shirts and other gear here


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