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New Rapunzel commercial clips up on GIPHY – back to normal hours

< 1 minute May 1, 2020
rapunzel commercial

First some fun news: I was answering comments on the new Rapunzel advertisement and a lot of times, the best reply would be a GIF clip from the video…

So I cut it up, uploaded clips to GIPHY and BEHOLD! You get snazzy things like this:

You can find these and more in most programs that have a “GIF” button (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsUp, etc…) – just type “Keto Chow Rapunzel” to see these specific ones, we have others for the “Witch” commercial and some with the Keto Chow logo. The full collection is here.

Next up: an announcement mostly for our local customers: we’re switching back to our normal Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm schedule at the storefront. If you’re around Draper, Utah – please come by and see us!


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