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New site feature: Custom Calorie Calculator

< 1 minute October 27, 2016
custom calorie calculator

I just added a new tool to the Nutrition Information page: a calorie customizer. It’s simple to use, just put in the calories you want for the day.

It’ll tell you how much heavy cream and/or oil to use. It will also tell you how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat you’ll be getting in each meal. It’s pretty awesome =) One thing to note: some of the fine details are different from what you’d get on the nutrition labels – among other things I discovered the protein content and calories for the heavy cream were off by a tiny amount. This calculator is using all the latest information I have available and using the USDA values for Heavy Cream. The heavy cream you use may have slightly different values too (which I think is what happened, I probably had values in for the “Darigold 40” I get from Costco).

For fun, it’s also right here:


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