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New US Dietary Guidelines out; not much changed, I’m apparently still dying

< 1 minute January 7, 2016
dietary guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 eighth edition

The methodology used to develop and update this Pattern continues to be grounded in that of the food guides USDA has developed for the last 30 years.

“we didn’t cause the deaths of millions of Americans by telling them to eat more carbs, so we’re going to continue the same way. But you should limit added sugar. Saturated fat and salt are still going to kill you”. In Appendix 7 they list out the new nutritional goals. Let’s see, for me they’re recommending:

  • 2200 calories
  • only 56g of protein
  • 130g of carbohydrates
  • 48 to 85g of total fat with less than 24g of saturated fat despite the evidence that saturated fat has nothing to do with heart disease
  • There’s no recommendation anymore on cholesterol but they want to you know they still think it’s bad (even though the previous link says it’s not)
  • I should keep my sugar below 55g a day
  • RDI of 2300mg of sodium

So… apparently I’m dead or dying because the only one I adhere to is <55g of sugar a day. Goodbye cruel world or something.


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