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Jun 11  ·  2 min read
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Raspberry Cheesecake: tomorrow, Savory Chicken Soup: coming June 19 (unless you visit us at KetoCon!)

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The plan® for Keto Chow 2.1 was to get the 8 original flavors and launch right into the 10 new flavors with Savory Chicken Soup arriving first.

Apparently, the schedule got a little messed up.

We’re going to be getting Raspberry Cheesecake tomorrow morning (like: a lot). I’m going to bring all the stuff with me to work tomorrow so I can quality control the new batch immediately and get it up for sale ASAP. Expect to see it less than 24 hours from now. Yep! Here’s an update:

So earlier today I said “unless by some miracle the COA arrives in the next hour or so and they are able to run the batch up to us”

Apparently, that happened.

So: without any more delay, I’m happy to announce that Raspberry Cheesecake is available and in-stock, ready for purchase!

There was some uncertainty as to when we would be getting the Savory Chicken Soup flavor of Keto Chow: would it arrive tomorrow before we left for KetoCon? Would it arrive after we left and not go up for sale until we returned?

Turns out it’s the latter. I just talked with the guys that are packaging the large 21 meal “week” bags of the savory chicken soup. They aren’t going to have any substantial quantity ready by tomorrow so the plan is for them to bring several pallets of not only the Savory Chicken Soup but also possibly Orange Cream. Expect to see that/those when we return from Texas on June 19.

It’s sad we won’t get the chicken tomorrow, but at least there’s that good news too!

Now for the fun part: we will be getting a very small number of the Savory Chicken Soup bags by courier tomorrow so we can take a few with us to KetoCon. If you’re going to be in Austin for KetoCon this Friday-Sunday, come visit us at our booth (#407)! I don’t know if we’re going to be able to pull off having mixed savory chicken soup for tasting at the booth, but we will have a few bags there with us.