Recording from our weekly live video, with special guest Cristy Davis!

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Last night we did our weekly Facebook live video. We were able to convince Cristy Davis, founder of The Keto Village: Sofa King Facebook group, to stop by and be a part of the mayhem.

Unlike a surprising majority of keto Facebook groups, hers isn’t a totalitarian fiefdom ruled by an overbearing monarch that bans people for voicing opinions – yes I know, I sound like the peasant in “Holy Grail”. Cristy was once banned from a Facebook group because a photo she posted had a milkshake that someone else was drinking in the background, it “triggered” people! I was banned from a Keto Facebook group for saying there “aren’t keto police that enforce certain rules, keto doesn’t have a rulebook; it’s about science, not theology”). Generally, I tell people to be wary of keto Facebook groups, this is one of the good ones, so is CompletelyKeto – run by Kim Howerton, and Insulin IQ of Dr. Ben Bikman fame.

There was a problem with the Internet a few minutes into it, so I’d recommend checking out the YouTube version which has better video quality anyway:

If you prefer the original Facebook videos with the comments as they came in, here is Part 1 (before the Internet died on us)

And here is Part 2


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