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May 3  ·  3 min read
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Recovering, Editing, Experimenting, Answering… ?

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We finished up the Keto Salt Lake show on Saturday. That was a lot of work but insanely awesome, I have a bunch of pictures I need to post when I get the time. Lately, I’ve been swamped with a few things:
  • Editing the recordings of the Keto Salt Lake presentations.
  • Answering the (thousands) of questions on the Facebook advertisement with the new video.
  • Doing experiments with different ways of mixing Keto Chow.
At Keto Salt Lake we had two different cameras running that were recording the presentations in UHD4K (3840×2160@29.97p), I also had an audio recorder plugged directly into the microphone feed so I could get a clean recording of the presentations. In all, approximately 34 hours of video (17 on each camera) were recorded. It ended up being 1.07 TeraBytes of data! I had to put it on my spinning hard drive because the SSD is only 953GB, it’s like living in the past! =) I have the editing for Friday completely finished and I’m rolling right along with getting at least 2 presentations done and uploaded to YouTube each day. All of them go into the 2019 Low Carb Salt Lake Recordings playlist so they are easy to find and watch. The commercial has been an astounding success. It’s been pretty frantic around here shipping out orders and answering questions. I see every question from someone as an opportunity: it means they want to know more and put forth the effort to ask. Even if they have the same question that I’ve answered a few dozen times, that means they want to know (and I can use my answer templates for a bunch of them =). The coolest thing is: for every “keto is dumb, you suck, die in a fire” or “sucralose will make your hair turn blue and isn’t as good as eating twigs and bark” comment, we get several dozen comments from people that think the ad is funny, are interested in trying it, and are excited that there’s something that can help them on their keto journey. We are also getting a lot of our customers that answer people’s questions for us. Seriously: that’s super cool! One person asked how many bots we have on there making it look like people like the product. I replied that you only have to do stuff like that when you’re trying to trick people because the product sucks. We don’t “astroturf” (no need) and the product is awesome. I also had a conversation with a certain person that’s noted for their work treating Alzheimer’s patients with keto, coconut oil, MCT oil, and exogenous ketones. I asked if they see a marked improvement with people supplementing coconut oil – she said they do indeed see a substantial improvement in most cases. I decided to try applying the technique for mixing Keto Chow with butter and use it to mix regular Costco coconut oil (which was quite solid in my cupboard). I used 50g coconut oil (melted) and mixed it up with Keto Chow and warm water. Let it chill in the fridge and there is no separation (see the image at the top of this post, the bottle on the left with the grey lid was refrigerated overnight). It does have a pronounced coconut flavor that I think goes well with regular chocolate. I also tried mixing up a full meal of Keto Chow with unsalted butter with a LOT less water than typical – the finished volume was 14oz (about 380ml). It was quite thick but still very pleasant – makes it possible to fit in a far smaller container if necessary. That’s the bottle on the right side with the blue lid.