Remembering Veterans

2 minute read • November 11, 2021
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Although we’re working to get everyone’s orders shipped out, we still think a lot about veterans here, especially on November 11th (my American History teacher thought it was the perfect date to sign an armistice and the ONE day we could probably remember, he was right!). That’s my grandpa: LeRoy Bair, he served as a radio operator on a B-17 flying fortress in World War 2. Their plane was shot down (23rd of 25 missions!) and he was in a German POW camp for 11 months. I know I shared those photos on Memorial day but today is a good day to share them again.

Did you know we have a military and first responder discount? We actually switched discount providers recently, the new one should be easier for people to use and expands the list of people who can take advantage of the discount.


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