Results of the Keto Chow 3rd party blind taste test

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I’ve had these results for some time but needed to get them into a usable format for public consumption. We did the taste test in early January for use in an upcoming video promotion we shot in February. I needed to strip out the references to the names of the competing products since I’m not going to promote nor disparage the other products. I’ve met (often on multiple occasions) the creators of all of the products we tested against, and I don’t want to be “that guy” (also if they want to do a taste test, they’ll have to pay for it themselves =). I prefer to treat others the way I expect to be treated and I wouldn’t like Keto Chow called out in that way. Besides, I genuinely think there is enough room in the space for all of us. Our biggest hurdle isn’t competitors, it’s getting people past their terrible experience with “diet weight loss shakes” in their past and giving us a try.

The big takeaways from the test:

  • In a 3rd party blind taste test, participants were asked to try 5 of the leading Keto Shakes.
  • Keto Chow outperformed all of the competitors in appearance, flavor, texture, and overall impression.
  • More participants ranked Keto Chow #1 than any other tested brand.
  • In fact, participants were significantly more likely to recommend Keto Chow to friends or family than all other tested brands.

The other cool thing they confirmed was that Keto Chow with sucralose tastes “more natural” than products using Stevia, Erythritol, Monk Fruit, or a combination. Which is why we use Sucralose for most of our flavors. You can read the full results of the taste tests, including the verbatim responses of each person as to WHY they rated each drink the way they did over on this page.


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