“Sample all the Things!” now comes in a Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle

Update: we ran out of the black blender bottles and had to take them out of the bundle, we lowered the price $7 so for the same price you can order a blender bottle on the side.

We finally got the shipment of Keto Chow blender bottles – so all of the “Sample all the Things!” will be coming in the cool Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle.

We won’t have enough of them to sell apart from the bundle until the beginning of January, unfortunately. So if you really, really want a Blender Bottle that has the logo on it, you can (a) wait until January (b) Get a Sample all the Things, steal the cool bottle for yourself and give one of your old ones with the samples in it to a friend for Christmas =)


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