Scoops vs Weighing your Keto Chow

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Frequently the question comes up: is it best to use the included scoop to measure your Keto Chow, or should you use a scale to measure it?

Hands-down, the most accurate method is to weigh it using a scale. This will get you an extremely accurate measurement, doesn’t mess with scoop packing and bubbles, and ensures you’re getting the correct 21 meals from the bag since we weigh the powder going into the bag. Using a scoop to measure is always more of an estimate. For most people, that estimate is close enough for them. But just how close or far off is using a scoop? The latest version of Chocolate Keto Chow wasn’t as dense as the previous one and didn’t pack into the 94cc scoop like it used to so people were reporting that the chocolate flavor wasn’t as strong. That particular flavor, we switched to a 100cc scoop to account for the difference. While on that, we decided to test ALL of the flavors using milk protein and here’s what we came up with by tightly packing the scoop and weighing it several times:

Flavor difference
Chocolate 93.82%
Vanilla 106.25%
Cookies & Cream 102.28%
Strawberry 104.57%
Salted Caramel 101.37%
Mocha 95.77%
Banana 103.09%
Natural Strawberry 104.59%
Pumpkin Spice 102.71%
Snickerdoodle 103.07%
Eggnog 99.14%
Chocolate Toffee 100.56%
Root Beer 97.77%
Chocolate Mint 95.89%
Orange Cream 100.73%
Raspberry Cheesecake 100.11%
Chicken Soup 102.86%

The chocolate was revised to 100.2% by using the larger scoop. Again: for most people, the difference between the serving size and what you average will be close enough that they’ll just use the scoop. If you don’t pack the scoop very well, your numbers may be different though.

Here are the weights for a scoop:

Keto Chow Flavor Weight/Serving
Apple Pie 45.829g
Banana 44.4g
Beef Base 39.41g
Caramel Macchiato 46.2g
Chicken Soup 44.99g
Chocolate Peanut Butter 58.77g
Chocolate Toffee 46.107g
Chocolate Mint 48.17g
Chocolate 48.77g
Cookies and Cream 44.27g
Eggnog 45.605g
Key Lime 45.7g
Lemon Meringue 45.6g
Mocha 47.67g
Natural Strawberry (Monk) 44.39g
Orange Cream 45.992g
Peaches and Cream 45.591g
Pistachio 45.62g
Pumpkin Spice 46.245g
Raspberry Cheesecake 46.02g
Root Beer 45.108g
Salted Caramel 44.77g
S’mores 45.579g
Snickerdoodle 45.635g
Strawberry 44.17g
Taco Soup 42.41g
Tomato Basil 47.16g
Vanilla 44.22g

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