Success Stories: Kristel O.

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Thank you keto chow for my success!

At 48 years old, i have been on non successful “diets” since the age of 12. Low fat, no fat etc. I learned about keto when my husband started having seizures. I researched, asked questions – together we went on this scary journey. The first few weeks were tough, but i enjoyed higher fat foods like steak, avocado, olives. I lost around 20 lbs in the first 3 months – but i was quickly getting bored and unmotivated. I felt “off” Then i found keto chow. I bought a couple samples off of amazon and the rest is history! I make dessert like milkshakes, puddings, waffles, chaffles, FUDGE! I’ve also made buns, breads, savory soups! With the proper balance of protein and vitamins – the fat started melting off. If it wasn’t for keto chow – i do not think i’d be able to say i am 70 lbs down! I still have a bit to go – but that’s okay! I am now loving my journey I have less migraines, and feel all around awesome! Thank you for being awesome keto chow!


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