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The best keto road trip snacks for traveling and excursions

5 minute read • July 6, 2022
campfire during road trip

One of the freedoms of road trips (as opposed to traveling by plane or other options) is being able to pack food and stop along the route for food that fits your needs. You can fill a cooler with basics and goodies, then strategically replenish along the way.

Ideally food and drinks don’t have to cost a fortune this way and you won’t have to compromise your dietary preferences.

Bring a cooler


To start, choose a cooler that fits your vehicle and your needs. I simply used an insulated shipping box I saved from a food shipment and lined it with ice packs. I stashed it in the backseat where I could reach it easily from the front seat since I was traveling solo. It was light and easy to use, and the ice packs stayed frozen for two days. 

There are plenty of road tripping favorites like nuts, jerky, and pork rinds that you can pack—check out this recent blog post for more non-refrigerated snack ideas. While driving, you should have the space to pack more, and with a good cooler, you can be more creative in terms of what you pack. 

Our top picks for keto road trip snacks

Handheld foods

double chocolate chip cookies

Before your trip, prepare keto-friendly handheld foods like muffins, scones, fat bombs, protein bars, egg bites, frittatas, cookies, brownies, blondies, hand pies and more.

Pack them up in the cooler for easy grab snacks to eat on the road or at rest stops and scenic places along the way. 

Pack fresh berries, low-carb yogurts, cottage cheese, fresh celery sticks with nut butter, cucumber slices with ranch, bell pepper slices with guacamole, jicama slices, or radishes. All of those options are easy to carry and easy to eat on the move and offer something fresh to stay hydrated and keep those energy levels up!

Keto Chow

woman holding Keto Chow while driving a car

Keto Chow is a fantastic option when you’re on the road. Pack heavy cream, avocado oil, ghee, or butter (or even a powdered fat) to prepare, along with your Keto Chow flavors of choice, and you’ve got a great meal in store any time you need! (Don’t forget your favorite shaker bottle and water!) Prepare enough for a couple days and keep them in well-sealed containers in the cooler for an even more convenient road snack. 

Sweeteners and creamers for coffee

coffee over the fire

Most service plazas, gas stations, and shops offer a selection of coffees and many offer lower carb milk alternatives and sugar-free sweeteners, but I still like to bring my own along with me just to be sure.

Prepared Keto Chow works great as a coffee creamer, but shelf stable or aseptic packaging for milks and creams are a good option, too, because they don’t need to be chilled until they have been opened.

Fat bombs are another option for an all-in-one coffee creamer and sweetener. Just drop your favorite fat bomb into hot coffee and stir it in!

Where to get keto-friendly snacks

van driving

Do you associate a favorite treat with summer days and family road trips? Think about how you can provide it for yourself before you encounter temptation on the road if it’s something that no longer fits your dietary restrictions.

Buy snacks beforehand

You will find keto version of protein bars, cheese puffs, nacho chips, nut bars, cheese crisps, pork rinds, crispy chicken skins, ramen style shirataki noodles in a cup, snack cakes, cookies, crackers, chocolates, and candies online on and Amazon so you can stock them ahead of time and take them with you for the ride. 

You can also stop by your local grocery store to find keto road trip snacks.

Stop at a gas or service station

gas station

If you enjoy road tripping because you get to stop for road snacks on your adventure, then you will want to check out keto options popping up in service stations and stores all over the country.

As always, read labels and use your own judgment when deciding if something labeled “keto” or “low carb” is right for you. When traveling, some folks loosen up a little and eat more things than they would at home, and some don’t. Do what works for you so you can feel good and enjoy your trip.

Service plazas and gas stations often have nuts, cheeses, jerky, protein bars, and may even offer small packages of pickles, olives, boiled eggs, salads, cold cuts, and hot foods like hot dogs and sausages. You may also find keto friendly coffee drinks, teas, drinks, and keto-friendly ice cream.

If you don’t see nutrition information in the shop, look online for the company’s website where they may offer more info. 

Fast food places


Road trips are also one of the few times I stop for fast food. There are major fast food chains across every American highway and they offer conveniences like clean, accessible bathrooms, indoor playgrounds, and predictable menus that are hard to beat on the road.

You can do your research online or on arrival to scope out options that will work for you. Check out this article about ways to eat keto while on the road.

Basic hamburgers and cheeseburgers are still a reasonably good value on most menus and can make for a satisfying road trip meal with or without a low carb bun. 

In conclusion

motorcycle at top of mountain

Road trips can be a lot of fun and there are hundreds of options to make a keto road trip delicious and nutritious. Plan ahead, do some food prep, pack a cooler with staples, and research what’s available on your route so you won’t be left hungry on your next road trip.

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