Today I learned: A bunch of FDA labeling requirements stuff

The FDA recently came out with new labeling requirements.

Well, that was a fun rabbit hole! I have been working on the labeling for the individual meal (aka “Sample”) packages of Keto Chow and also started making up the label for the larger week packages. As part of that, I needed to come up with a nutrition information panel for both. I figure if I’m going to make packaging, I might as well make it the right way according to FDA guidelines from the outset. So I started kicking around the FDA site and discovered there’s a revision of the labeling rolling out. Technically, Keto Chow wouldn’t need to use the new standard until July 2018 but there’s no problem being early.

Anyhow, I got to learn about the values to use for calculating DRV and RDI, panel display and size requirements, and more! I also learned that the vitamin and mineral recommendations have changed as well, most are minor changes. Fortunately for me: when I spec’d my vitamin/mineral pre-mix, I was using data even more current that the FDA requirements (optimal values vs. minimum) and Keto Chow 2.0 is getting over 100% on all of them according to the new standard… except Potassium. The Recommended intake used to be 3500mg/day and now it’s 4700. It easily met the old requirement but not the new one. So I’m looking into adding some additional Potassium. I don’t want the change to affect the taste at all so I’m going to test out a couple different sources. The easiest is Potassium Chloride (“Low sodium salt”) or just more Potassium Citrate, I’m also going to give Potassium Gluconate a try. Looks like my earlier assertion was a bit pre-mature =)

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