Tried the PB2 powdered peanut butter in Keto Chow

Reading Time: 1 minute

Last week I posted about my disappointment with Dymatize “Gourmet” having too many carbs because I couldn’t try their Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor.

I decided then to grab a 16 ounce jar of PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (they also make a much smaller 6.5 ounce container it’s nearly the same price as the 16) and try that. Putting 12g adds 3g of net carbs, bringing my total net carbs for Keto Chow up to 31g if I drink 3 a day. That’s doable though it doesn’t leave much room for snacks. It also adds 45 calories to each one, not a big deal.

I really like peanut butter, so far I’ve tried Strawberry and Rich Chocolate (because I am drinking strawberry this week) and both were excellent. I’ve just been adding the 12g of powder to my other powder/cream/oil when I’m mixing it in the blender bottle. I’m not sure what adding it when mixing the powder of Keto Chow would do. It might work fine or the additional oil might cause nasty clumping. For now this works fine to add a bit of extra flavor.


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