Tried Vanilla Keto Chow. I think it’s good enough, beta’s over: v1.0

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Last night I mixed up 3 meals of vanilla flavored Keto Chow, it’s really good. My wife tried some and said “mmm, that’s good!”

Later she asked about the possibility of me mixing her up a few blender bottles for her to have on hand for meals.

I’ve decided that after the most recent changes to the recipe I’m declaring it “version 1.0” (yay!). This means the beta is over. It will be more stable for a while with maybe a few minor changes here and there but it’s good enough for me.

After yesterday’s price changes I also went through the store part of the site and updated descriptions, links and other fun stuff. I also split the Keto Chow samples from the 1 week product so it’s easier to find the samples vs the 1 week.


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