Update on 2.1 Samples: likely coming Wednesday or Thursday

First, the good news: unless something goes really wrong, we will be getting our first shipment of the large bags of Chocolate Toffee (you know, like “Heath” bars?!). They’re already loaded on the truck for delivery so we should be good to go on that.

Now the “I’m still not quite sure” news: The Chocolate Peanut Butter samples went onto the packaging line today. As the final flavor of the 18, this is excellent news! Typically they’ve been taking a day and a half to run so they might be done late Tuesday, though a more likely scenario is Wednesday morning. The most likely scenario is that we’ll be able to start picking them up either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. I expect it’ll take 2-3 trips with the big box truck to get them all onsite. Stay tuned for further updates!

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