Update on 2.1 Samples: Scheduled to be finished on Tuesday, July 31

I just got word from the place that’s packaging the 2.1 samples: they are expecting to be finished running the final few flavors on Tuesday, July 31.

I’ve been estimating that we would get the samples by the end of July, that’s cutting it pretty close! I’m not sure just yet if that means we will actually get some of them on Tuesday or if we will have to wait until Wednesday to get them. I’m guessing we’re looking at somewhere along the lines of 30+ pallets of samples coming in at the same time, that’ll be fun =)

Anyway, As soon as we get the samples, I’ll do a Quality Assurance test (with all 18 flavors!) and then we can get them up as individual packages and as the sample bundles on the store. Expect to see a few more posts about this next week =)

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