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2 minute read • January 2, 2015

One cool thing about Keto Chow is the recipe has the added benefit of being customizable for people with different caloric requirements.

Without any oil or cream it’s right around 500 calories/day and still hits all the right nutrients except calories (obviously), protein, and the different fatty acids. Following the directions you’ll get 1355 calories/day (woohoo, deficit!) but you can raise that up to whatever level you want by increasing the heavy cream and/or the oil (I vote for the cream). It’s super flexible.

Did I mention that is awesome? I ordered a bunch of protein yesterday (a holiday), got my tracking number around noon and I might get the package tomorrow or Monday.

In my last post I was debating what to do about the fish oil for Keto Chow since it needs 5ml of fish oil to get the right Omega 3s. My solution is to give people a choice, they can go 3 ways for the fish oil:

  • Buy liquid fish oil, I recommend Cod Liver Oil Lemon mint flavor.
  • I sell a week’s worth of fish oil capsules (35 or 5 per day). If you don’t want to buy a giant bottle, this is a good option.
  • Buy a 400 capsule bottle from Costco or from Amazon and take 5 per day.

Not the ideal solution but it’s the best I could come up with, so it’ll probably upset everyone =). “Crap, I have to take 5 oil pills PLUS a multivitamin and you’re not even including the oil pills unless I pay extra? You suck Trebeck!”. Well, at least that’s what I would say initially. Personally I’m not certain which route I’m going to do myself: the pills or the liquid oil mixed in. Guess I’ll find out sometime early next week (or tomorrow, come on OnTrack!).


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