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Video of mixing 3 days worth of Soylent

< 1 minute January 25, 2014
making keto chow

So I wanted to do a video of mixing up a few days’ batches of soylent.

Mostly I wanted to do this video because it’s the sort of thing that would have saved me a bunch of time and spilled powder when I was starting all this but also because I made the claim that “I’ve gotten to where I can mix up 3 days worth in about 6 minutes” and po2gdHaeKaYk called me out wanting to see it =)

So here it is. Turns out (at least in this video) that it takes me almost exactly 12 minutes from the time I start measuring the first ingredient (0:31) to the time I finish measuring the oil (12:34). So I was only off by half? I suspect mixing another days worth would only add an additional 3 minutes and so forth.

The biggest time saving tips (in my opinion)

  1. use a bowl large enough to hold your largest ingredient (in this formulation that’s 345 grams of corn flour)
  2. dump each ingredient into a container large enough to hold everything with an opening larger than your  bowl from tip #1
  3. measure each ingredient separately, don’t stack them up and “tare” or zero out the scale. In addition to it being hard to take out extra overage; many scales are less sensitive/accurate at higher weight loads
  4. I forgot to put this one the video: a new $0.05 nickel weighs exactly 5.000 grams – if your scale can be calibrated using a specific weight and you don’t have one to calibrate it with you can use a stack or two of nickels.

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