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Water weight and keto flu redux

< 1 minute January 22, 2015

As previously noted, I started a local weight loss contest yesterday that compares percentage of weight lost as opposed to total pounds.

I successfully replenished my glycogen reserves by eating carbs for a few days and gained a fair amount of water weight.

So that craziness is over. Now I’m back doing a ketogenic diet which means I get to go through keto adaptation and probably the keto flu again. I did this to myself on purpose. I guess one good thing is I’m actually prepared for the keto flu this time and am already doubling down on the electrolytes, plus the keto soylent I’m drinking has the proper amount of potassium and sodium (3541 and 2745 mg/day compared to 2936 and 1963 mg/day on the recipe I used last time). It should be an interesting experience.


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