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What keto bars are good? Ranking 16 “Keto Bars”

2 minute read • November 30, 2022
chocolate chip protein bar

Protein bars can be a lifesaver on busy days—especially for those that are newer to keto. But just because something claims to be a “keto” bar, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

In this video, I rank 16 keto bars based on what I would and wouldn’t recommend, looking at ingredients, net carbs, and more to see what the best option is to carry around in your purse for keto emergencies…

*Please note this article and video may contain affiliate links, allowing Keto Chow to earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

Looking for more?

Here are a few additional thoughts on making sure you pick whatever bar would be best for you—or maybe no bar at all.

  • Ask yourself “Do I need this? Am I filling an emotional need with this bar instead of a nutritional one?”
  • Think about when you will be eating the bar, and whether it will help you avoid eating other carb-y foods, or whether it’s just an extra snack you’ll be adding through the day.
  • Look first for bars that are marked as keto or low carb, but don’t make any assumptions based on that. Look at the nutritional label at the total and net carbs.
  • Are you willing to eat the bar because it has low net carbs, but maybe has excessive total carbs? If so, that may be a no for you. Some bars use extra fiber so the product has fewer net carbs.
  • Check the ingredients. The fewer the better, so if it feels like you read a novel by the time you get to the end, maybe that’s a no.
  • Check in with yourself. Can you handle bars? Or if you buy a box, will they be gone in two days? You may find it helpful to only buy one or two at a time so that you’re not tempted to eat too many, or you may choose to not eat bars at all.
  • Always ask whether they are helping you meet your goals, or whether they are impacting your physical and mental health in negative ways.

Miriam’s top picks:

#1. Keto Bars

#2. Protein One 

#3. Quest Nutrition 

#4. think! 

#5. Munk Pack


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