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Wife wants to do P90 again and WARNING! shirtless man progress pics.

< 1 minute April 27, 2015

Yesterday my super hot and awesome wife informed me that I was going to be doing P90 with her again starting this morning.

I did it back in November 2013 with her (oddly enough, right before I started People Chow) and it’s not as bad as P90X:

I’m interested to see what it does to me now that I don’t have very much glucose running around available for bursty exercise. It wasn’t that bad today, though I was taking Tony’s advice and taking it really really easy. Like not using weights easy =).

Well, I’m throwing it all out there now. Here are shirtless before and after pics. You’ve been warned. I’m 258lbs in the one on the left and 210 in the one on the right.


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