Change Log.

What is a change log & why do we have one?

This is a list of all of the changes that have taken place with the formulation of Keto Chow, going all the way back to the very first version in 2015. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get the “latest” version out to customers, or you might find an old package of Keto Chow that isn’t expired and you want to know how it’s different from some of the other versions you may have. For the most part, the changes tend to be pretty minor (frequently it’s “Chris made a typo on the packaging and fixed it!”), whenever we learn new information about nutrition or find some way to make Keto Chow better – we make a change! It’s terrible for the people that print our packaging since there always seems to be a new variation =)

The Changelog:


Of late it has been increasingly difficult to get Acacia Gum and that shortage has put a major cramp on our supply chain and production. We did a large series of tests and determined that we could reduce the amount of acacia gum per serving...


We are able to get the original Magnesium Malate again (see 2.7.0) so we have switched back to using that instead of Magnesium Chloride. Also, the FDA is considering Acacia Gum to be fiber again so we've put that back into the Dietary Fiber in...


We ran into some availability issues with the Magnesium Malate that we’ve been using, even though it’s manufactured fewer than 100 miles from us, they’re having problems supplying it to us and that caused us to run out of several flavors of Keto Chow for...


Some of the packaging for 2.6.1 was already printed when we made the change to what magnesium we are using (see 2.7.0 notes). This necessitated printing a “coverup” label to go on the ingredient panel. If you have a 2.6.1 that has this sticker and...


No changes to the formulation, just the packaging. There were a few typos that were fixed. Due to labeling requirements from the FDA, Acacia Gum fiber is not able to be declared as “Dietary Fiber” so I had to move it outside the nutrition panel...


Reduced the amount of magnesium to be closer to 33% of the RDA for each serving. This should help people with digestive issues and the few that were getting too much magnesium when using Keto Chow for 3 meals a day. The color in Raspberry...


Switched from regular table salt to Real Salt. Real Salt tastes better than the regular salt we have been using in the past but costs a little more for us to use, we’re not charging any extra, you’re welcome! Real Salt is a tiny bit...


Very minor changes, mostly just updated and corrected typos on the packaging.


New logo, new packaging! Introduction of new Beef protein flavors with no dairy and no sweeteners. Switching the Milk Protein Isolate used in the sweet flavors back to one instantized with sunflower lecithin.


Additional Vitamin A to allow complete nutrition while using Avocado Oil instead of Heavy Cream. Nickel and Boron were also removed from the vitamin/mineral formulation, both might be necessary for good health but there are no clear results that can be looked at for absolute...


Change from Milk Protein Isolate that uses Sunflower Lecithin to a MPI that does not use any Lecithin.


The most obvious changes you’ll notice with 2.1.0 are that it mixes up a bit thicker, there are new flavors, and you can drink it after mixing more quickly. Changes in detail: We are switching from fast absorbing whey protein isolate to slower absorbing milk...


Relatively minor change: we are now using Protein Powder that contains Sunflower Lecithin instead of Soy Lecithin. Soy Lecithin doesn’t have any soy protein (it’s generally even safe for people with soybean allergies). That means no more soy on the ingredients, no more soy on...


Change in the amount of iron – previous versions provided 18mg a day if you did 3 meals of Keto Chow. This is the recommended amount for pre-menopausal women but for post-menopausal women or men, that amount is borderline high. 40mg a day is the...


Over a year in development, eschews off-the-shelf protein powder for custom flavors and fewer carbohydrates. Most flavors are only 0.56g net carbs before adding any heavy cream. Much like 1.9 – the recipe for 2.0.0 isn’t something that could be replicated without industrial scale equipment...


Final iteration before Keto Chow 2.0 (which will use custom protein and flavoring). 1.9 uses a new custom manufactured vitamin/mineral pre-mix that consolidates a number of the ingredients. I’m also making MCT optional (it’s still awesome for Keto though so I recommend it if your...


Yay new version! I’ve switched from Psyllium Husk powder to Acacia Gum fiber (aka “gum arabic”). This has a number of great benefits including being better for your gut bacteria (most people will now be able to trust a fart when starting Keto Chow). Because...


The “LIQUID” part of the coconut oil was causing confusion. I’m removing it in favor of just MCT. MK-4 pills have been replaced with MK-7, you still open up one for each day (7 for a week) and add it when mixing together the powder....


Reverted 1.0.1 change back to original calcium phosphate, that other one imparted a sandy texture.


I added in the entry for “Carrington Farms Liquid Coconut Oil” that you can use instead of the MCT. To use it you would change the 0ml to 39ml and then zero out the MCT.


Minor recipe changes. I changed the Calcium Phosophate to Dicalcium Phosphate with more accurate mineral content that comes in tiny and massive packages. I also changed the Psyllium Husk to one that comes in little bottles as well as 12lb bulk packs.


No changes since 0.7.1 other than deciding it’s awesome and time to come out of beta. I’m going to consider this version good for now (might make some minor modifications in the future, we’ll see).


Removed coconut flour, tweaked protein, and upped the xanthan gum just a little. To compensate for the removal of the coconut flour, Psyllium Husk has been increased to 16g.


Initial release. This is a variant of kennufs-keto-v93 with greatly simplified ingredients.

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