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FAQ: Can I use “expired” Keto Chow?

Every package of Keto Chow has a date printed next to the lot code that shows what date it’s best to consume by. Technically this isn’t an “expiration” date, it’s a “best by” date – that’s a bit of a fine point but it’s an important point.

Keto Chow contains various vitamins that are affected by time and oxygen (among other things, but those are the main detrimental factors), along with flavors, and protein. The vitamins, in particular, start to lose their potency over time, and eventually, they end up being below the levels shown on the nutrition panel for Keto Chow. So nutrient “X” may be at, say, 130% level on the day it’s packaged, 100% level at 2 years, and 75% level at 4 years (again this is an example to illustrate). It’s not a linear progression and various nutrients have different degradation curves. If you want to ensure that you are getting the vitamin levels shown on the Keto Chow packaging, please consume it before the “best by” date. All of this is one of the main reasons the Keto Chow packaging is WAY overboard what it technically needs to be. We use an extremely effective oxygen barrier and multi-layered film to keep it “fresh” as long as possible.

OK, so what about stuff that’s past the “best by” date? Is it still OK to eat? One of the designs of Keto Chow is that it provided 1/3 of your daily nutrients in each serving. When it is past the “best by” date, you may be getting less than that amount. We do not recommend using Keto Chow that is past the “best by” date for all of your nutrition for extended periods of time. Around here, we routinely grab the “expired” Keto Chow that can no longer be sold to the public and use that for our own personal use.

In summary:

If you are using Keto Chow that is past the “best by” date for a handful of meals a week, we would be comfortable saying that you likely will not have any problems at all.

If you get dental surgery and need to survive exclusively on Keto Chow meals for 3-4 weeks, we would recommend only using Keto Chow that is before the “best by date.”

If you’re cooking with Keto Chow and heating it over 120°f, then the “best by” date is a bit irrelevant since the vitamins will be degraded by the heat anyway. Go for it.

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