FAQ: Can I use Keto Chow if I am lactose intolerant? Are there alternatives to heavy cream?

Many people mix Keto Chow with heavy cream as the fat source. Heavy cream is comparatively low in lactose for the number of calories it contains. If you mix Keto Chow with 4oz of heavy cream, you’ll end up with 3.27g of lactose (roughly comparable to 2.4oz of whole milk). Many people who have problems with lactose are able to handle the relatively small amounts in Keto Chow without problems, or by using a lactase enzyme supplement. See this post for details.

If you want to eliminate heavy cream, there are options you can try. However, some will require a lot of calculations. I recommend using a tracking app like Cron-O-Meter to determine how the alternatives will impact your net carbs and other nutrients. Anyway, here are some possibilities you can try:

If you want to eliminate dairy entirely, we do have several options for you here.

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