FAQ: Does Pecan Sticky Bun Keto Chow contain nuts?

There are 6 different flavorings in Pecan Sticky Bun Keto Chow, and all of them are listed as having no allergens present. We wanted to make absolutely sure what that exactly meant so we had an allergen statement created specifically for the Candied Pecan flavor since it was the most likely to be problematic for people allergic to tree nuts.

According to the manufacturer of the flavoring used in Pecan Sticky Bun Keto Chow, there are no nuts present. There are nuts and other allergens present in the facility where the flavoring is manufactured and the flavoring is processed on the same equipment after a VERY thorough cleaning is performed (this is pretty standard stuff).

Here is the full allergen statement for the Candied Pecan flavoring:

Candied pecan allergen statement - no allergens present, allergens are present in the facility.

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