FAQ: How does Keto Chow compare to other “meal replacements” like Pruvit Keto//OS?

The aim of Keto Chow is to be nutritionally complete with 1/3 of ALL your nutritional requirements. This includes vitamins, electrolytes, protein, fat, fiber…ALL of it.

Keto//OS is a mixture of exogenous ketones. You drink it and you’ll have ketones in your body regardless of actually being in nutritional ketosis or not. For people doing keto to treat a disease like epilepsy, cancer, or Alzheimer’s; or for people doing elite-level athletics – exogenous ketones can be very useful. For most of us, they’re of limited use. You’re not “in ketosis” unless your body is producing ketones by itself. If you do want to use exogenous ketones, I would recommend checking out Perfect Keto or other products not sold via Multi-Level Marketing.

If you’re curious, I’ve compiled a comparison of the various Keto “Meal Replacement” products available, which you can find here.

Keto Chow is at the top with a cost of around $11 per 2000 calories. Keto//OS is at the very bottom at $250.00 for 2000 calories.

There is a more in-depth analysis of the different options on our 2018 blog post.

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