FAQ: Is Keto Chow Vegetarian? Is Keto Chow Vegan?

Keto Chow is likely vegetarian, but it’s decidedly not vegan. There are a few ingredients that pose a problem:

  1. Keto Chow contains Vitamin D3, derived from lanolin harvested from the coats of sheep. This undergoes steps of chemical transformation to create Vitamin D3. Generally, that makes it not considered suitable for a vegan diet.
  2. The vitamin K2 contains material derived via fermentation by single-celled microorganisms.
  3. The protein powder comes from dairy.
  4. Depending on where you get your Omega 3s, that usually comes from fish oil (though you can get it from algae oil).

To the best of my knowledge, everything else is vegetarian (though decidedly NOT vegan).

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