FAQ: Is there a travel size bottle for the Daily Minerals?

Currently, there is not a travel size bottle for the Daily Minerals, it only comes in the large bottle. You could repurpose one of the small bottles that come with our other electrolytes. That size bottle will hold 1.6 servings of the Daily Minerals but the opening is so tiny that it will spill without a funnel if you try to fill it.

We are looking into small bottles that will hold 2 or 4 servings but finding one that can be refilled easily and WON’T LEAK is proving to be very difficult.

Our favorite solution is to take a water bottle, add a full serving of the Daily Minerals along with a packet of TRU Lemon. It’s frankly amazing how the lemon changes the flavor. Most are usually able to finish the bottle in about a half-hour but you can’t take longer if you like.

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