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About Us.

“I want to help people change their lives… and help them not go nuts in the process.” – Chris Bair, co-founder of Keto Chow

Chris and Miriam, founders of Keto Chow
By Chris and Miriam Bair


We started keto to take back control of our health, but meal prepping and trying to keep track of macros was hard! So we created Keto Chow for ourselves to make keto easy and crazy delicious. (Turns out other people also want quick and tasty keto food, so here we are!)

Keto is the only thing I have ever tried that has had any lasting effect on my health and my weight. It turned my life around.
Our first introduction to the ketogenic diet was when our oldest son started having seizures. As we followed the medical advice that was given to us, we were introduced to keto as a potential last-ditch effort to treat these seizures if medication was not successful. We finally found a medication that helped our son, and we all but forgot about the ketogenic diet until years later when Chris decided to lose weight. As we started keto (Chris first and then later Miriam), we quickly realized how effective it was (it was the only thing we tried that had any lasting effect on our health), but it was daunting and time consuming. Even though we researched as much as possible, we still made mistakes like not getting enough electrolytes, and using a meal replacement shake that was loaded with coconut flour, chia seeds, and other gritty stuff. (0/10 would not recommend.) We wanted to make it easier.

That’s when Keto Chow was born.

Our Goals Were Simple:

The Bair Family in September 2020
The Bair Family in September 2020
Photo of Keto Chow team from 2020
Keto Chow Team in January 2020
What began as a personal experiment in 2014 became a quickly growing company. Our Keto Chow family expanded as we reached more people and hired new employees.

After perfecting the formula, we found that friends and family were interested in this strangely-named meal. (Yeah, it’s a funny name. But in our defense, a) the word “chow” is used pretty commonly to denote food of the non-canine variety, b) it’s a Futurama reference so that’s a win, and also c) we didn’t expect it to become a business!) Pretty soon, we were mixing batches in our kitchen and shipping to fellow keto-ers across the country. They loved the taste, they loved that it kept them full, and they loved the way it made them feel.

We could never have imagined that this would become our life’s work, but we couldn’t be more thankful for where this path has led us—to a community and lifestyle we love so much. And despite the company’s growth, we never forget Keto Chow’s beginnings: focused on family, healing, and superior nutrition. It’s our purpose and our promise.

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“About a year and a half ago I was having a bunch of medical issues and it seemed my diet had to change and I needed to lose some weight. So after trying diet after diet nothing worked. A lot of this had to do with the nature of the diets themselves, I’m very “black and white” as a person and the diets I was attempting were very just avoid carbs at night or try to eat vegan for breakfast and lunch. That is fine for some people, but since these diets gave me an inch I became a ruler. I needed something as strict and rigid as myself, I stumbled across keto. It seemed very easy for me to do. Want pizza? Nope, can’t have it: carbs and sugar. Want a pineapple? Full of sugar: nope. So I went forth with this idea and it was fine for a while, but I soon realized I disliked cooking and eating; only keto gave me a realization that I was only eating for fuel so I started looking for something that would fit that idea.

I found Soylent quite quickly and marveled at the idea; this was exactly what I was looking for, but soon realized it wouldn’t work for me as weight loss was my goal and Soylent doesn’t really provide efficient weight loss. So I started looking for keto version of soylent and discovered […] Keto Chow. I placed my first order of a months’ worth of rich chocolate.

I explained to my wife what I was planning on doing, she was skeptical to say the least (amplified by the fact that the order came in a ziploc bag lol.), but I pressed and she agreed if anything was going to work it would be this. I got my order and mixed everything up and the next day I would have my first meal.

I had my first meal. Taste wise, I did not enjoy rich chocolate at all, but again I was drinking it only for fuel so I pushed through it. I drink 2 a day as it works for my schedule better, one at around 6am and the other at around 6pm, I have done this for about a year and a half now.

The toughest part was training myself out of eating socially, that took about a month to get used to. Once that was over it was smooth sailing, I started mixing my own.

I didn’t see any weight loss, but I got a scale and I was reading it on the scale, so something had to be working. It was insanely motivating and frankly addicting. When people would offer me food or soda my gut reaction was like: “Are you insane? I’m not working out and I’m losing weight at an aggressive rate, you couldn’t pay me to stop this!” My friends all thought I was nuts for the first month or two then after I dropped my first 50lbs or so they were very interested and I had at least 4 friends try it. None of which could stick with it as aggressively as I did/do. It’s a wonderful meal replacement, but real weight loss takes dedication and I was determined.

I’ve “cheated” on Keto Chow by, now and then – maybe once a month, getting plain meatballs from Noodles&Co. or having scrambled eggs and bacon and that was great while it lasted, but I was having some stomach trouble from that so I gave it up.

Overall my plans for the future are: Keto Chow until I cannot anymore. One of the reasons I’m going to be doing keto chow the rest of my life is because I had undiagnosed absence seizures. For the longest time, my wife and I just thought I’d get mixed up when speaking because of my stutter and forget what I was talking about. I’d have really bad headaches and get randomly tired throughout the day. I was going to the doctor to make sure I wasn’t losing weight too fast and that everything was going smoothly. It was, but one day I happened to “cheat” and grab some Noodles&Co. meatballs before my Dr. appointment; and I had an absence seizure right in front of him. He noticed and we started testing for epilepsy. Apparently I have a good deal of food allergies that also trigger seizures, but apparently I was an undiagnosed epileptic for some time and thanks to you I’ve been seizure free for almost 2 years. (Minus the forced ones.)

It’s so cheap, it’s so simple. I see no reason to ever change my diet at this point. My wife and my friends are all used to it; it’s a bit strange explaining it to new people, but the results speak for themselves. Overall I’ve never been happier or more healthy and it’s all thanks to Chris.”

Our mission

Keto Chow was founded to simplify health, with the ultimate aim of enabling people to succeed with their goals and live the lifestyle they want to live. We are open, honest and fun (the way we wish all companies were).

We make keto easy by providing:

  1. A product that is easy to use, delicious and nutritious.
  2. A community that inspires, educates and connects people to each other and themselves.
  3. A company that supports, listens to and values their customers and employees.

Join us for Livestreams

For the last several years, we’ve been doing regular live streams to YouTube and Facebook. We typically go live Monday-Saturday at 11:15 am Eastern. We also do a longer live stream on Tuesday nights at 9:15 pm Eastern. The Link for the live streams changes every day, but this page here should always show today’s stream at the time it’s going live.

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