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Please note this information is intended to support a ketogenic lifestyle. It should not be viewed as medical advice and is not meant to be used for children under 12. Please consult with your healthcare provider to discuss your individual needs.

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Heavy cream is the simplest fat to use. Just add it to Keto Chow and water, shake, and enjoy. Please note that it can be difficult to find “heavy cream.” “Heavy whipping cream” is similar but has some additional emulsifiers. (Don't worry, they don't matter.) Go with whichever one you want, just be sure it shows 0g of carbohydrates (even though it truly has 0.41g of net carbs per 15 ml.) (1 Tbsp.).

Watch us prepare Keto Chow with butter here for a more in-depth look.


Yes! Keto Chow is designed to fill you up with 1/3 of your daily vitamins and nutrients and is a complete meal
We always advise checking with the doc before starting new supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding, or before giving Keto Chow to your children.
1/3 of your daily essential vitamins and minerals are in each serving! Our ingredients are transparent and listed on our nutrition labels. We don't hide any fillers or nasties in our products. Check the nutritional info on each product page.
When your body doesn't have carbs to burn, it will naturally turn to your stored fats. Those stored fats turn into a type of fuel called “ketones,” which your body will start burning in place of carbs. And since it's so easy to turn fat into energy, your “get up and go!” will shoot through the roof while your waistline shrinks down. Nice!
We recommend adding cream, butter, or avocado oil to your Keto Chow shake. This helps your body absorb all those delicious nutrients-and makes it easy to customize your shake to meet your macro/calorie needs.
Most Keto Chow flavors have a milk protein isolate base, which has a small amount of lactose. However, many people who have problems with lactose are able to handle the relatively small amounts without problems, or use a lactase enzyme supplement.
Keto Chow shakes and Egg White Protein are vegetarian (except for the three flavors that use beef protein), but not vegan. Keto Chow supplements are vegan and vegetarian.
Beef protein is a dairy free option, making it accessible to those who avoid lactose and dairy, but is still a complete protein, unlike many dairy-free options. And it also won’t cause those dreaded protein farts. Look it up. It’s a thing.
We love and will continue to use sucralose in our classic Keto Chow lineup! But we also recognize that everyone has different preferences in the keto community. We wanted to provide an alternative for people who find they prefer stevia. We also wanted an option for those who would prefer to be able to add their own sweetener. That way, you can control the amount and the type of sweetener you choose to use