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Version: 2.7.0

We ran into some availability issues with the Magnesium Malate that we’ve been using, even though it’s manufactured fewer than 100 miles from us, they’re having problems supplying it to us and that caused us to run out of several flavors of Keto Chow for a few months. To deal with this issue we decided to switch magnesium to a powdered form of the Keto Chow Magnesium Drops, you’ll see it on the ingredients as “Magnesium Chloride.” Technically this also means that the trace minerals that accompany the magnesium drops are also now in the main Keto Chow product but I don’t want to make a label claim that would need to be documented and fall under FDA scrutiny – it’s the same reason the Keto Chow packaging doesn’t say “excellent source of vitamin C!” – it’s is, but I really don’t care about claims like that, we’re not trying to trick people like the general food industry. Speaking of labeling, 2.7.0 also has a change to the number of decimal places shown on the nutrition panel. I was reminded that the FDA panel requirements do not allow for decimal points, which is stupid. Going forward that means you’ll see things like <0g instead of 0.7g. I am putting the actual numbers for carbs OUTSIDE of the official nutrition panel because that area isn’t as strictly regulated and we can provide richer details.
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