facebook pixelCan you use Chia seeds as the fat source in Keto Chow?
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Can you use Chia seeds as the fat source in Keto Chow?

This came up as a question in a live stream so we wanted to look at the details:

Heavy CreamButterChia SeedsCoconut OilHalf and Half
Amount1/2 cup1/2 stick1/2 cup1/4 cup1.25 cups
Total Carbs3.4g0g33.7g0g13g
Net Carbs3.4g0g6.2g0g13g

OK, that looks like using chia seeds for your fat source would not be the end of the world, but a half cup to get 388 calories (514 when combined with Keto Chow) is going to likely do a terrible number on your digestive system (and will be a giant mess of chia pudding). Honestly, your better option is to use a different source. While we are on the subject, Half and Half is extremely high in sugar and not suitable for use in Keto Chow if you are interested in using it for a ketogenic diet. More information about that here.