facebook pixelDoes Keto Chow have Canola Oil or Sunflower Oil in the ingredients?
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Does Keto Chow have Canola Oil or Sunflower Oil in the ingredients?

The short answer: It’s on the ingredients but not in the actual packaged product.

OK, that’s a weird answer, right? Here’s the full explanation: many of the flavors of Keto Chow use spray-dried flavorings and the machines that are used to spray dry them need to be lubricated with oils. Due to food regulations, edible oil (as opposed to something like WD-40) has to be used just in case any makes its way into the final product (you even see this in the giant crushers used by RealSalt® – the grease they use is totally human edible). In practice, there should be 0.00% of the oils in the flavoring and technically we don’t actually have to declare any of these oils on the ingredient list of Keto Chow, but that isn’t how we do things around here. We always try to be open and honest, the way we wish ALL companies acted. We get a lot of complaints about canola or sunflower oil being listed on the ingredients of a few of the flavors and that is due to our desire to be completely open with everyone instead of hiding. It is far better to just eliminate those contentious ingredients from the manufacturing process. We are currently in the process of changing the process to use MCT oil instead of any other oil.

So yes, they are listed on the ingredients. We totally could have just said “natural flavors” and nobody would have ever known…except us, and we don’t want to risk exposing someone that’s allergic to an ingredient.