facebook pixelDoes Keto Chow contain nickel or boron?
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Does Keto Chow contain nickel or boron?

In May 2018, we removed Nickel and Boron from the vitamin/mineral formulation of Keto Chow. You’ll find this change on the Keto Chow Change Log where we publicly list what we’ve changed in each revision of Keto Chow.

Nickel and Boron both *might* be necessary for good health (see this article), but there are no clear results that can be looked at for absolute certainty.

Why do Nickel and Boron remain on the ingredients list? There is still a chance people could get one of the old bags. We would rather lose a potential customer than make those who are allergic to nickel ill. We’ll list it on until ALL of the product we have on-hand has switched to version 2.1.2 or newer.