facebook pixelIs Keto Chow “Organic”? Is Keto Chow “GMO”-free?
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Is Keto Chow “Organic”? Is Keto Chow “GMO”-free?

The short answer is no. But here’s why:

The primary goal of Keto Chow is very simple: simply and easily get the best nutrients for humans and make eating a ketogenic diet more enjoyable and sustainable. All of the decisions we make, including which ingredients we use, derive from that goal. We are more interested in using the best, most nutritious ingredients than using ingredients that would qualify to be certified organic. It would be a disservice to our customers that rely upon us for the highest quality nutrition possible to show more concern for the label than for the actual effect those ingredients will have.

We understand that products that are certified “organic” or “GMO-Free” is important to many people. Caring about your health is a great thing! Our research directs us to put actionable data and science above philosophy. This, unfortunately, means that if you only purchase “organic” products, this isn’t the best option for you.