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Problems with Giveaway Entries

When adding entries to the giveaways, people will sometimes have problems getting credit for different actions. We’ve traced the problem down to using the built-in browser within Instagram instead of using an actual browser that can open tabs and multiple windows. Here’s how to fix it!

When you open the link to the giveaway, you’ll be in a kinda-sorta-not-really web browser. What you need to do is tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner and open the page you are viewing in your real web browser:

screen capture of embedded web browser

In the REAL web browser, when you click the button to visit the web page it opens up a new browser tab with the webpage so that you can visit the page and be able to answer the question for the contest entry. In the embedded Instagram browser it just loads the new page over top of the existing page and you can’t go back to answer the question for the contest entry:

New Tab opened for the contest entrySee, now you can close the new tab and answer the question for the contest entry!

Question answer for contest giveaway entry

Question answered, now I have credit for that part of the contest:

screen shot of Entry recorded