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What are the size options for Keto Chow?

We make just 2 sizes of Keto Chow:

  • Individual Meals – great for sampling the different flavor options that are available. We also have these in several pre-made bundles of specific flavors. They cost around $5.50 per meal.
  • Single-Flavor, 21-meal Bulk Bags – designed to be efficient and inexpensive. Once you’ve tried the different flavors and found what you like, these give you the most cost-effective way to order. They cost around $4.28 per meal.

We don’t make any other sizes, there isn’t a 3-meal pack or a 10-meal pack. Adding more sizes complicates the product, and would raise the price of Keto Chow. We do have what we call the “Go Pack” with 21 single meal packets of the same flavor. It’s only available in certain flavors and only for a limited time. It is more expensive than the Single-Flavor, 21-meal Bulk Bag due to the cost of packaging, but it does represent a 15% saving over getting the single meal packets individually.

Want more variety? You can buy several different flavors of the individual meals (which is more expensive), or the larger 21-meal bags and pull from all of them as desired. This costs more up-front, but so would purchasing 21 full meals of any food. Especially one that’s so densely packed with nutrition.