facebook pixelWhat is the Amino Acid Content of Keto Chow Core? Does it have enough Lysine?
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What is the Amino Acid Content of Keto Chow Core? Does it have enough Lysine?

We are very happy to publish the complete amino acid content for Keto Chow Core—we even added a total for the branched-chain amino acids. There has been some concern of late about the lysine content of beef protein isolate and if it is sufficient for muscle gain.

Fortunately, there is a great peer-reviewed study where beef protein isolate was compared to whey protein and chicken. The short version of the results is that despite the different amino acid compositions (specifically lysine), the higher conditionally essential amino acids gave essentially the same results for beef isolate compared to whey and “suggests the need to evaluate proteins based on total nutritional potential rather than as a delivery vehicle for single amino acids.” Fun stuff. =)

You can read the full text of the article here.

Amino AcidPer ServingPercentage
Alanine2.46 g8.87%
Arginine2.1 g7.56%
Aspartic acid1.68 g6.04%
Cystine0.03 g0.1%
Glutamic acid3.08 g11.08%
Glycine5.6 g20.15%
Histidine0.31 g1.11%
Hydroxyproline2.86 g10.28%
Isoleucine0.48 g1.71%
Leucine1.04 g3.73%
Lysine1.06 g3.83%
Methionine0.25 g0.91%
Phenylalanine0.64 g2.32%
Proline3.36 g12.09%
Serine0.95 g3.43%
Threonine0.59 g2.12%
Tryptophan0.1 g0.36%
Tyrosine0.36 g1.31%
Valine0.84 g3.02%
Total Amino Acids
27.79 g
Branch Chain Amino Acids2.35 g