facebook pixelWhy do you have a scoop in EVERY package? Can I opt to not have it included?
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Why do you have a scoop in EVERY package? Can I opt to not have it included?

Unfortunately, the logistics of having “no scoop, please” as an option would RAISE the cost of Keto Chow.

The scoop costs us $0.05 to have included with every bag. It would initially save a little to not include them. However, accidentally forgetting to include one, then needing to ship one to a customer wipes out any savings. The postage, paying employees, and the rest of the fulfillment process costs money. Most importantly, the delay sucks for the customer.

Including the scoop simplifies the fulfillment process, and saves us far more than the cost of the scoop. This is why you can’t customize sample bundles – they’re pre-made at substantial savings, ready to go right into your order. Simplicity = savings!

Another issue: a loose scoop outside a bag presents something that could puncture the bags of Keto Chow. Suddenly, that 5-cent scoop has destroyed a far more expensive bag that we need to replace. Replacements blow away much of the cost savings and optimizations we’ve put in place. Our amazing, non-robot, actual-human workers would have to perfectly fulfill approximately 2000 orders with no packages damaged in shipping (thanks UPS!) for not including the scoop to be financially beneficial.

So, a long response to a simple question. The short version is: it’s easier and cheaper to include them in each bag. Thanks for the suggestion.